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Frequently Asked Questions

FlameKeeping is a pantheistic religious philosophy. It starts from the premise that we are all Divine, all part of the same greater Whole, and then asks questions about what that means and how to live inside that.

We see the flame is a metaphor for the soul. By nourishing our soul and improving the Universe, we are keeping the sacred flame.

Because the Keepers are as important as the Flame, and to distinguish from Brigidine flamekeeping.

No. A FlameKeeper’s rituals are improving the Dark Flame, Bright Flame, and Universe. There are no other set rituals.

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No! The Dark Flame represents our inner selves, our inner soul. It is Dark because to know oneself truly is to delve into the dark.

There are no holidays particular to FlameKeeping.

It is the “job” of the FlameKeeper to look for the Divine in all things: in oneself, in others, and in the workings of the Universe. And in recognizing it, to look for ways to help it improve.

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